Friday, April 03, 2009


Granted, it's just a forecast, and may be overly optimistic...but we're so ready for a bit of great weather. Seemed like a lot longer winter than usual this year, colder than normal for months...and even this is only just above normal (13 degrees). Not that I'm complaining -- between ice photos and skating outside, I think I embraced winter this year. But there's something special about that first day of the year when you can legitimately take go outside in short sleeves and find a warm, sunny spot to sit.

Update: My first ride up Giant's Head this afternoon (I had planned to take the whole day off, but ended up working the morning). Bits of snow up top and a cold wind, but conditions were excellent below the top parking lot. I was seriously hurting; lungs and legs just total mush. I brought the camera along, but found that I hadn't included the batteries.

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