Thursday, May 21, 2009


It didn't take long to get a couple of photos of Ella too. She joined me for some photogeekery one afternoon this weekend while Ezra slept and Tannis and Ivy laid low with the flu. I'll have to get some of the photos she took too -- she had theme going with super macro shots of tree rings and patterns in the surfaces of stumps. Such a good sport, too, tromping around farmyards and cactus slopes with her freak-o dad as he took another hundred pictures of orchards. At least we went out for ice cream, and she claimed the outing had been great fun.



May-18-09 063



Anonymous said...

Thanks for collecting these spring in the OK glimpses for us. We were sorry to miss the all out blossoming fruit trees so are enjoying them through your lens. Ella does look professional already and so intent. Mama Pearl

Jeremy said...

Glad you're enjoying them, Pearl.