Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oldest and Youngest

Ella will have to get her own photo post one of these days, but the last bunch of pics had more of the other two. These two seem to have been getting along better lately -- I don't think Ivy quite knew how to relate to him before he started talking. She's like me, finding that these new developments make Ezra a much more compelling companion. Anyway, we had a very nice evening at Peach Orchard Beach -- Andrew and his girls met us down there with bikes. A few photos:
  • Ezra was enthralled with the water park, which has been turned on for weeks despite the below-normal temps. He dared me to scold him for banging a rock against one of the metal tubes, tried kicking the water repeatedly, blew dandelion seeds, and relished the opportunity to get wet.
  • When the girls got to the pier at Rotary beach, they were "the trolls under the bridge" -- here's the Ivy Troll. I also got a cute shot of her that might be cuter if she wasn't displaying her shoe prominently, and if I had got her to wipe her nose...or maybe not, who knows?





Ang said...

Dollfaces-all of 'em! That Ezra-no exception!
Emily says "mom, you should encourage Jeremy to try and sell his photos".

Jeremy said...

Thanks can tell Emily that putting photos up for sale is easy enough, but getting people to give you money for them is the hard part.

Michelle said...

That boy sure looks like his Daddy!

Jeremy said...

I haven't heard that too often...will be interesting to see if my genes shine through at some point.