Friday, May 01, 2009

Old Music

I noticed that I can sort my active (tons more on backup that I don't listen to much) music collection by year and saw some interesting trends:

Music recorded before 2000 = 11 hours
Music recorded after 2000 = 98 hours

That's a serious skew toward newer music. I have almost nothing from before 1980; a few soundtrack songs from really old horror films. Even the '80s, which represented my musical coming of age, barely total 100 minutes. 10 hours from the '90s, which seems low considering that those were my university years. That leaves nearly ten times that much from this decade, which isn't even done yet.

While I find it vaguely embarrassing to have apparently forsaken most of musical history, I think I know why -- I started living (well, working anyway) online in 1999. That's when my real collecting began, and of course most of the stuff posted and downloaded since then has been newer music. But still...


Jules at 7-Imp said...

I really want to get rid of a lot of my older CDs, but my husband wants a music library of sorts. But I listen to the same stuff over and over, honestly. And we're running. out. of. room.

Jeremy said...

I too wonder why I keep all the old CDs (and TAPES!) I never listen to. But once in a while, it's nice to pull one out of retirement for old time's sake.

Anonymous said...

It's a disgrace not to have at least 5 albums worth of Pixies music in your library, which you obviously don't given those numbers, you need to update that right away.

Jeremy said...

Amongst others, obviously -- there are hundreds of incredible albums that I've missed with my apparent obsession with new music. That's what disturbs me a bit.

I do actually have most of the Pixies stuff on my backup drive, and a fair bit of Frank Black too. I'm feel only a little sheepish to admit that only a dozen (or so)songs of his (and theirs) make my regular playlists:

-- Is She Weird
-- Dig for Fire
-- Where is My Mind?
-- Velouria
-- Ana
-- Los Angeles
-- Hang on to Your Ego
-- Headache
-- Superabound
-- Freedom Rock
-- So. Bay
-- St. Francis Dam Disaster

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with that playlist. A good selection of Frank Black stuff on there. I'm happy to see that, I know you've said in the past that you weren't impressed with a lot of the solo stuff. I think you have to add U-Mass and Gauge Away to your list. Those two songs blow my mind every time I hear them.

Jeremy said...

I loved his first two solo albums, and a smattering of songs from 8-10 years ago, but I've found most of the recent country-rock stuff utterly unlistenable. Sadly, I feel the same way about the Pixies back catalogue -- most of it I can't tolerate at all, but Bossanova is incredible. I realize that's blasphemy in "true fan" circles. I actually like U-Mass and Gouge Away too...perhaps I'll have to copy some of that stuff back into my current folders. Listening to it now, I was struck by how some of those songs would have fit right in on Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't checked out Bluefinger and Svn Fngrs his latest albums under the Black Francis moniker, you should give it a listen. Interesting. I have the advantage of being 11 when the Pixies broke up so I never had to worry about what true fans thought was cool. Why is it I always feel like I need to comment about the Pixies on your blog? I listen to a lot of different stuff these days, but I am always trying to stuff Pixies down your throat.

Jeremy said...

With the year and reference to frequent Pixies comments, I should be able to guess who this Anonymous is, but I must be too sleepy to have normal brain functions. I've gone hammer 'n tongs over the Pixies with Steve, and my old friend Neil, but they're both too old...Richard, Nick? I'm in a fog.

I heard Svn Fngrs when it came out and it piqued my interest more than anything since about 2001...but not enough to actually embrace it.

Anonymous said...

It's Nick. I show up every 18 months to guide you on the right path to listening pleasure. Listen to the Felice Brothers if you don't already.

Jeremy said...

Ha! Sorry, Nick...that should have been an easy guess. Even when you decry the disgrace of my musical tastes, you are more than welcome here. You coming out to the Okanagan this summer?