Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We spotted this wonderful young owl up in the clay cliffs above one of the creeks that runs through Lowertown. Mama Great-Horned wasn't too impressed with my desire to photograph them both, but obliged anyway. The walk was part of our Mother's Day celebration, which also included a visit from my dear mom. She helped us in the garden and hung out while Dad cruised down to the border to pick up some parts.

The weekend started off perfectly with a double date -- we got a sitter at our house for the first time ever, and joined Myron and Tracey (also sans kids) at the excellent Victoria Road Bistro. We hang out with them a fair bit, but never without kids...a real treat to connect like normal people and realize that we're still real friends.







Tannis said...

I don't understand why there aren't any comments on the awesomeness of the owl photo or the cuteness of my son.

Jeremy said...

Because our life is rather dull, and we're total geeks for getting all excited about seeing a couple of owls?

Dianne said...

From one geek to another, this completely explains the awed story Ez told me in the garden on Sunday. Listen! Listen! Owl! Baby! Baby owl! I had no idea what was going on, since I couldn't hear any owl!

Jeremy said...

ha! He may have been channeling the owl experience, but he sometimes says "OWL!" when we hear the mourning doves hoo-hooo-hoooo-hoo-hooing.

Angella said...

I want to know when the heck Ezra got so BIG.

Dude isn't a baby anymore!

Jeremy said...

Certainly not a baby...terribly two though, ahead of schedule.