Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shades of Grey

Once in a while, a photo just seems to look better when I drain all the colour out of it. This tends to be surprising to someone like me who tends to geek out on more colour, not less. Sometimes I convert them to black and white because I've botched the exposure so badly that the colours are useless, but the odd one just has more impact with greys (Marj claims that one is one of her all-time favourites). Ivy was reading this morning and I captured a moment that didn't need colour...it's just quiet and subtle and right.

A few seconds later, I caught Ella's shadow following her around, and Ezra "Giant Head" Milagro looming over a doomed robotic spider. Such is the drama at our house on a Tuesday morning before the pancakes are made, as the coffee brews and the random rhythm of our day unfolds. I'll often play viola first thing, and make a smoothie. Not many frozen cherries or strawberries left from last summer's harvest. They'll disappear just as the fresh ones emerge in the fields and orchards, which is how it should be.





Marj said...

"and the random rythm of our day unfolds"...an all-time favourite phrase to go with an all-time favourite photo. Thanks for linking to that one again, it made my heart leap. Again.

Jeremy said...

Ha! You're welcome. I'm not sure that a rhythm can be random, but I liked the feel of it.

Michelle said...

Man you are a good photographer.

Anonymous said...

I love black and whites - I just find that it brings out the purpose of the photo, and that sometimes all the colour detracts from the subject. Love these ones.

Jeremy said...

Thanks! Heather, I think you're right -- it's about focusing on the purpose of the photo. Most times colour helps that, but not always.