Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Case Anyone Forgot What the Kids Looked Like

Flowers and kids these days, apparently. A few notes on the week:
  • I haven't been feeling that good, and had a downer of a weekend. Work's been super busy and not particularly fun.
  • We checked out the local Bluegrass Festival -- an interesting scene, but not really our scene. We enjoyed the fish 'n chips beforehand more than the festival.
  • I composed a song for the viola that I'm planning to play at a recital with adult students of our teacher this week. Kinda scary in the same way it's scary when you're 10 years old at a recital, but exciting.
  • The local community string orchestra played in Penticton last week, so I checked it out -- fun and mellow.
  • The benefit of more downtime this week was that I did some for-fun reading -- Tunnels and Deeper, two creepy, gripping YA novels that have me anticipating the third -- and finally watched Rabbit-Proof Fence. I think it's yet another gem recommended by Steve years ago...excellent film.
  • The garden is happy. Strawberries are ripening fast, the raspberries should be plentiful, and the first zucchinis will be ready to pick soon.
  • Manitoba-bound -- one week and counting.





Anonymous said...

I hope you guys have a great trip, and looking forward to maybe seeing your crew this summer at Sunoka.
Karen St.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Karen. We've been hitting Sunoka a lot since it warmed up -- let us know if you're ever swinging by there.

Anonymous said...

Immensely cheered up in the wilds of northern Ontario by the beautiful photos. Thanks for posting!

Jeremy said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Mom. I've been liking Marj's updates from the wilds too.

Nikki and Shane said...

Alright, I'm not going to beg, HOWEVER, if you have but ONE MEAL open the whole time you guys are here we would LOVE to have your clan hook up with our measly one child clan. I can make these 2promises to woo you.

1. wicked BBQ made by Shane.

2. killer roll kuchen made by me.

Let us know if you can fit us in and if not, no worries. We are a guilt free family around these parts and know that someday we will hook up with you - even if it means we have to travel to BC again. Oh, the hardships! ;)

Got to visit with your mom this morning at Gramma's. Man, I love her to bits!

timmartens said...

Hi Jeremy,

Mutual friend Lorne said you were at his place for a fire. Wish I was there. Jake Horton's is at 20 Loewen Street. Let me know if you are ever there.

Jeremy said...

Nicole, sorry I never responded to this. It bums me out how many people were left on our "gotta see in Manitoba" as we left, and your family was at the very top of it. It was probably a mistake, but I've learned that I can't do it all...and going to the lake with Tannis's family for the first three days of the trip really squeezed everything else.

Next time? You're always welcome here, of course -- it would likely be much more relaxed than our running around the prairies trying to do everything!

Jeremy said...

Hey Tim, sorry I missed this! Your comment was stuck in moderation limbo, and I wasn't getting the notifications for some reason. It was wonderful to be sitting around the fire at Lorne's...we're feeling lucky that he's coming out this way (Summerland) in a couple of weeks. Have you been to the permaculture event already? Would love to hear about it.

timmartens said...

The food was vegan, prepared by the participants, mostly from a can or dried.

The course material was mostly discussion.

The time was structured from 7am to 9:30pm

Quite a bit of emphasis was placed on staying on the schedule.

The company was quite inflexible in regards to money or food

No refunds were offered. We only stayed one out of the two weeks

The amount of class time was not advertised.

The instructor was really interesting, The site tours were great. No hands on skills were taught.

The owner of commoncircle could out talk anyone and always take it a level deeper.

Just some random thoughts and observations about our course.

We met really nice people and enjoyed our vacation.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for checking back in, Tim. Sounds like it wasn't quite what you expected, but that you made the best of it.