Friday, July 17, 2009

Camp Mates

These two are my camp mates tonight, as they talked me into sleeping in the playhouse with them on a night that just never cooled off. CBC says it's still 30 degrees at 10:30pm. The playhouse has excellent airflow with all the windows open, and it's awfully cozy in here with the two of them snoring softly with the crickets providing the accompaniment.

On our way back from Penticton, we skipped supper and opted for snacks from Blossom Fruit Stand instead...then went straight to Powell Beach to swim and lounge. The water's really warmed up the last few days, and fresh peaches were delightful. The girls ran into friends there, which makes them happy...including the Hermans, who they had been visiting in Penticton an hour earlier. While they played in the afternoon, I holed up at Fibonacci's with a smoothie and worked in a much cooler environment that our overheated home office.

Last night I hung out with a bunch of Myron's friends at his place -- good guys, mostly teachers he works with -- enjoyed a few beers and laughs on his patio. Tomorrow we're hitting the farmer's market again, then Keremeos for curry at Sanderson's, and finally a first-time visit to our friend Aimee's place in Twin Lakes. If we get really ambitious, we might try to hit Bromley Rock again, our favourite swimming hole...


The Squirrel Hunter said...

That's something that I've been looking forward to doing with James, the night out in the tent in our backyard. Of course, instead of crickets chirping, we'd get to sleep to the tune of 50,000 mosquitoes circling the tent, looking for any chance to drain our blood. Whatever amount of skeeters you remember from two weeks ago, you can now multiply that number by at least twenty. Manitoba living.

Jeremy said...

Oh no...they weren't too bad when we were there...especially in the city. Sorry to hear they've been multiplying exponentially.

We're dealing with our annual summer scourge: forest fires and smoke. Westbank is on fire, and our usual summer north wind is blowing the smoke straight this way. Not to complain about smoke when people have been forced to evacuate with their houses threatened by walls of flame...ugh.