Friday, July 10, 2009

Manitoba Trip Wrap-Up

Wow, that was a serious travelogue rampage. Here's the list of recent posts covering most of our trip:
  • Gramps -- reflecting on my visit with my grandpa
  • Motocross Action -- hanging out with Milt and Carla
  • Prairie Landscapes -- photo gallery and my wandering around places from my childhood (Note: I updated this post significantly since it first went up, adding lots of links and photos)
  • The Friesens -- family fun and our Whiteshell weekend to open the trip
  • Prairie Friends -- mid-week visits with friends in the country
  • Road Trippin' -- heading back home
If you want to see just the photos, they're all here in a Flickr set (and slideshow).


Nikki and Shane said...

What great reflections Jer! Looks and sounds like it was a full and fun trip! I just wrote on Tan's blog that I spoke to your mom yesterday and admired your sheer will and determination to do all of that with 3 kids in tow and in such a short span of time - which is also why I totally get how one simply can't fit it all in no matter how much they might hope.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, it really is quite the package deal to travel all together...although splitting up for the en route parts seemed to be a really good thing.