Thursday, July 09, 2009

Motocross Action

I spent an afternoon/evening/night/morning at the Fun Zone surrounding FXR headquarters. Milt has always taken his fun very seriously, and he now he's really doing it right. We dipped into his toy room before airing things out and moving some dirt. As usual, I was pitifully weak and afraid on the track, but gradually found my groove again. Jumping motorcycles seems more insane every time I try it, but what a rush to look down and see the the plains stretching out in every direction, 20 feet below you. I probably should have spent more time riding and less time taking photos, but Milt was a great subject soaring through the sky.

Carla also made us all an excellent feast one night and we hung out in the pool for most of the afternoon. Lauren kept the girls busy and happy, and Carla snuggled Ezra while we played some intense pepper with Milt and Chloe, who has turned into a remarkable young woman. Milt and I even fit in a jam session with guitar and viola, which we had never done before -- good fun to connect in so many ways. A few more shots of Milt hangin' it out:

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