Friday, July 10, 2009

The Friesens

Our girls only have two cousins, so it's a big deal when they get together. My own selfish reasons aside, this was one of the main motivations for the least as far as they were concerned. And it was great for them to hang out with Marissa and Tyra. Chad and Crystal brilliantly set it up so we could all stay at Pinewood Lodge for the first weekend after we arrived. The weather refused to cooperate, but the wonderful pool area was so warm and inviting that we all felt cozy indoors. Stupidly, I took very few photos...
  • Ivy and Ezra and I headed out to the local museum at Nutimik one rainy afternoon, which was excellent -- the park interpreter was knowledgeable and friendly. A live turtle and a snake that arrived while we were there were highlights for Ezra.
  • Chad and I had a fantastic jam session in the breakfast room one evening. We had never tried the viola and guitar together, but made some nice sounds together, almost like old times.
  • We were on vacation, so of course we had plenty of treats.
  • I took my bike out on the Trans Canada Trail Friday afternoon, getting some much-needed exercise and enjoying the beauty of the Whiteshell.
  • More cousins enjoying each other's company.
  • We spent a lot of time playing in the pool. Larry and Pearl were amazing with the kids, and of course the little ones wanted to swim all day.
Larry and Pearl's was home base for most of us the whole week, and they were gracious, generous hosts (as always). We enjoyed their backyard a bunch of times for BBQs and just hanging out. They hosted a sleepover for the cousins, and Tannis also took the kids over to Chad and Crystal's later in the week. Good times had by all.



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