Friday, July 10, 2009

Prairie Friends

We had it scheduled so we'd be seeing MB friends in the country through the middle of the week. I love this photo of all the kids at Lorne and Nada's reading -- even Ezra might be reading over Ella's shoulder a bit. While it was pretty intense socially for this somewhat-antisocial creature, the mid-week adventures were most excellent:
  • Tannis got a nifty haircut from old-friend Lisa Monday afternoon, which meant we got to have a glass of wine with her at her new house and meet her family.
  • I hung out with Plett and James at their place and spent the night -- the next evening, Tannis and Ezra joined us all there for a feast and playground session with da boys. Nice and mellow, with lots of laughs. It was pretty cool to run into old-friend Kent at the playground and chat with him a bit.
  • In between there, Aunt Helen hosted me for a delightful breakfast. Once she gave them permission, Marj and Kim joined us too. They've got a great new place in town, and we were looong overdue to catch up. Seeing Kim was fun too, as I hadn't hung out with her in a long time -- she also delivered one of the best gifts I've ever received: a stack of amazing prints from her uber-creative daughter Megan (who was sadly out of the province while we were there).
  • Marj was saying farewell to Billy that afternoon as he headed across the country, but she invited me to join them for a tasty lunch. Dummy me didn't have the camera along. It was cool to see Marj's clan at Jen's grad party too -- got to meet Kate's gorgeous baby and chat with Jen too.
  • We spent two nights in Altona with Bill and our friends the Hildebrands (who moved from Summerland last December). The kids were seriously amped up on this get-together and it did not disappoint. Great food, lots of laughs and discussions, killer fireworks on Canada Day, multiple sessions at the pool, late-night beers and smores around the campfire...this was the heart of the trip and the reason Bill initiated the whole cornball plan in the first place. Hanging out with Lorne again only made me miss him more, as we slipped right back into our groove immediately. Luckily, they're coming to see us in August, so it won't be long before the next round of good times.
  • Thursday afternoon, it was off to Milt and Carla's, which turned out to be a total blast. Tannis and the kids swam and stayed for supper while I got to stay over until the next afternoon.



Anonymous said...

Definately one of my fave pics of James of all times - it totally captures his personality, in my opinion!

Jeremy said...

Agreed...lots of energy and spirit shining through.