Sunday, July 19, 2009

Smoky Saturday

Update: The Saturday plan unfolded as...umm...planned. Ivy and the Fiddlekidz rocked the farmer's market and filled a violin case with busking cash. We jumped in the lake at Skaha Beach on the way out of town, and the mango veggie curry at Sanderson's in Keremeos was outrageously good. Bromley Rock is the best place in the world to swim (I'll debate anyone on this point) on a hot afternoon (and jump off cliffs into a river, apparently). And Aimee's place is incredible -- a massive log home perched up above Yellow Lake on 10 acres. We had an excellent visit, getting the full tour...and the girls mastered the impressive zip line with beaming pride.

When we got home after dark, we found out about the Westbank forest fires, which have been blanketing us in thick smoke this morning. Ugh. Not again. Yesterday it was so surreal to be having a normal hot summer Sunday -- going riding with Richard, hitting the beach, lounging around the yard -- while fires rage and people flee their homes 50kms north of us. The water bombers flew over all day and smoke blew in and out, depending on the wind. Cousin Jay got some dramatic photos from across the lake the other night. Scary stuff...





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