Thursday, July 30, 2009

Merritt MB Getaway

Angelo and I were back in Merritt last Saturday and Sunday to ride and hang out and celebrate his birthday. We had lapsed in the tradition last season, after having met up there in April '05, June '05, May '06, June '07, November '07, but we made up for it this time by doing it as a proper overnighter (sans families) so we could get a couple of rides in (Coutlee Plateau and Godey Creek) and throw in a good, long pub session in between. It really couldn't have been more fun, although my photos were mostly duds...maybe I was too busy enjoying myself for a change:We both haven't been riding as much this season as in previous years, so it seemed extra-special this time around. Time to start planning something more ambitious, methinks: Kootenays, Whistler or the southwest states.



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