Sunday, August 16, 2009


I noticed that I've had a few nice photos of Ella piling up in Flickr again. Here's a quick set from the last couple of weeks: out taking photos, being silly, lounging with her friends, taking care of her brother, and hanging out with Ivy. She's having a great summer, I think -- so often happy and willing to go with the flow. Although we're seeing signs of a more strong-willed six-year-old who's not far from leaving her Kindergarten days behind.

Here are some quick video clips of Ella at her week of Irish dance camp earlier this summer, followed by some photos:





Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Ella is a natural at this. You can see she loves entering into the movements. She's going to learn this pretty fast too (and if not, will persevere till she masters it!) Loved the video clip of dance class. Pearl

tfoxfan said...

beautiful and shiny girl