Monday, August 24, 2009

Chute Lake...Oh, and More Pictures of Kids

If it seems like I'm fixated on the kids right now, that's only partly true. Tannis had her hockey camp all last week, so I've been putting the crew to bed most nights -- not an insignificant project, repeated relentlessly...but I do enjoy the stories and coziness of the routine. Tonight I threw together these three film-strip-style shots and thought I'd put them up right away.

A couple more recent photos too:
  • Ella picking another batch of cherries
  • Swinging at the Hildebrands' place, blurred with speed
  • Ezra devouring our shared pie and ice cream at the Chute Lake Resort last week. We also explored the junk museum up there, documented one of the electrical insulator collections, admired the lake and trees, and even went swimming in Naramata on the way back. Great way to start my five days off...
  • We were up at Chute Lake to drop the moms off (Tannis, Nada and Naomi) on their epic 40km bike ride down the KVR railbed back to the Red Rooster winery. They enjoyed spectacular views down through the Naramata Bench and were beaming with happiness when we met them on the winery patio three hours later. Bottle of wine, fancy plates of goodies, sunshine and friends...what could be better?
  • Worth mentioning that meanwhile, Lorne watched our SIX girls all together for a good chunk of the day, including taking them all to the beach...which facilitated the whole thing.





Update: Tannis posted some thoughts and photos from the KVR ride as well...

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