Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Ezra Milagro

Our little guy is two today. Although he has seemed terribly two for months already, his real spirit is emerging right now, and it's a good one. Challenging, keen and fun. A few things he particularly loves:
  • Cherries. We got to go picking first thing this morning, and he was in his glory, both with the eating and pulling of the wagon. Letting him make an enormous mess was his first present of the day, obviously appreciated (see below). Tannis canned 14 quarts, and we'll freeze at least 20 pounds, so we should be ok on this front well into winter.
  • Diggers. Whenever we pass an earth-mover of any kind, he loudly and repeatedly announces it, often with the colour and size attached: "DIGGER! Small, red digger. TWO SMALL RED DIGGERS!"
  • His sisters. He so obviously adores them, and they've been pretty good buddies for him overall.
  • Grandpas and Grandmas. He was old enough in Manitoba to really get how cool his Friesen g-parents are, and loves hanging out with my folks.
  • The beach. It's been so hot for so long, that he's probably in danger of getting thoroughly sick of sand and water, but so far so good. We'd be happier if he developed a healthy fear of the water right now, as he'll march in until it's over his head.
  • Ni-ni. Another soother baby, although hopefully for not much longer.
  • Airplanes. He seems to have amazing radar for them right now, noticing them long before I can see or hear them. Infinitely fascinated.
Update: Here's 90 seconds of video clips of Ezra blowing out his candles and opening his presents. You can see the glee. Super thanks to all the grandparents for the gift of an amazing train table setup that has been getting a lot of use!






Angelo said...

Happy Birthday little man! Sorry we missed it. We'll have to do a joint belated celebration with IF ASAP.

Jeremy said...

Agreed! Let's got awnit.

Anonymous said...

Aw, love those photos. We got such a kick out of the Ezzie/cherry juice down the front pictures. Gotta love the phase right now. Also, great scene with him pulling the full wagon. Thnks for the update and hope the birthday was fun. Mama Pearl & Papa Larry

Kaili said...

So fun! Happy Birthday Ezra! All the photos are awesome, but Love the last photo!

Chris said...

That's it...the next alt-whatever band I'm in will be called "The Ezra Hiebert Cherry Disaster."

Happy BD, lil' Stone Fruit!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Happy birthday to him! As always, beautiful photos.

Nikki and Shane said...

I love how you capture all the kids - but these were especially great. Happy Belated birthday buddy!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for all the well wishes for this beloved imp. I was also pretty pleased with a couple of those cherry-wagon shots -- he was so earnest about the project.