Tuesday, August 11, 2009


While Ivy's incessant whistling and humming can get to be a bit much, she's got a great ear, and she's picking up the violin very quickly. I thought I'd throw together a few recent clips of her playing; a cross-section of the types of things she's enjoyed most:
  • Ivy's teacher's band invited her to play with them at the Naramata Faire a couple of weekends ago, and it was a real thrill for her. This first clip is a bit of Maggie in the Woods.
  • Playing duets with Grandma -- my fault for not tuning the violin before this session, but they make really nice sounds together.
  • At the Children's Festival, Ivy and the Fiddlekidz played for the local Irish Dancers. It was pretty cool for her provide the music for some of her dancing friends.
  • At her end-of-year recital in an old church in Penticton, she played Clare Jig. Playing it slower than usual, and for the first time with piano accompaniment was a bit weird for her, but she played well and I think it was a good experience.
  • Morrison's Jig at the Naramata Faire, which is a fast, difficult tune, but she rocked!

All of this from a kid who hadn't ever touched a violin before last fall -- we're very proud of how hard she's worked at it. Here are a few recent photos of IJ too:







Kaili said...

Wow! Totally impressive!! Love where she is rockin' out with the lady and gentleman on either side. She looks so nonchalant and awesome!
Way to go Ivy!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Kaili -- I'll pass along your kudos to the fiddler.

Anonymous said...

That is SO amazing and and we are so proud of her and her progress. She is so confident in her performing. Mama Pearl

Jeremy said...

Yeah, it's neat how she doesn't seem to be at all phased by performing in front of people -- loves it, actually. Thanks for the kind words, Pearl -- she'll be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

I am incredibly impressed! Wow! I'm almost inspired to try to learn it myself!!

Jeremy said...

You should, Heather. It's pretty fun!