Monday, August 17, 2009

Party Time

I didn't take a single photo, so I'm in danger of forgetting to record this one, but we had a great get together here last night. My folks took the kids out for lunch, freeing Tannis and I to have a brunch date at the Cellar Door Bistro. In the afternoon we tidied and prepped food. The Hildebrands from Altona are here on vacation, so they were the guests of honour, and our mutual friends the Vandersluys clan joined us as well. 16 people altogether, and everyone rocked in the potluck department. Ivy, my mom and I had practiced a few of our songs, so we performed for the first time as a trio -- our audience was gracious and appreciative. I played a couple of my newer viola pieces, and Ivy did some fiddlin', which provided an Irish soundtrack for Ella and Erika to dance to. Hannah showed us some of her awesome Karate kata moves; fluid, yet powerful.

The kids ran wild as the light faded, and the grownups mostly got to sit and chat with full bellies and refilled glasses.


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