Monday, September 21, 2009

Thumbs Up

I crashed on my bike yesterday. Just a little wooden ramp that I must have misjudged, or it flipped sideways as I hit it too fast, dropping my front wheel into a large wooden block that stopped the bike as my body continued moving forward very quickly.

I got a bit banged up, and the doctor riding with us could tell right away that my thumb was broken. I had surgery later to insert several pins to stabilize most of my Sunday was spent in the hospital. And yes, the cast looks ridiculously large considering that it's just a broken thumb. No viola or mountain biking for me for at least a month, maybe two.

So why the smile? I’m extremely thankful that it wasn’t much, much worse, considering the speed and how I went tumbling through rocks. At least I can still use my camera...

November 9th Update: The pin running the length of my thumb came out almost three weeks ago (or a month after the break) -- I was expecting it to be painful, but the doctor just clicked his pliers with a grin and pulled it out slowly without any pain meds or anything. At that point I got a removable cast, which I promptly removed, but kept the tensor bandage on for a week or so. Eventually I was down to a bandage, but I still had the bone stitches and button in until this morning. He cut the button off, then pulled on the stitches quite hard as he pushed down on the skin around the threads, then snipped them one at a time -- four times -- not at all comfortable.






Nikki + Shane said...

Oh no! Hope you're not in too much pain. How on earth will you live without BOTH mountain biking AND viola for that long. Hoping the time flies by!

Bill Baker said...

Owch. Sounds like a world of frustration.

Nice move bringing a doctor along for the ride!

Heather said...

Ouch! That cast looks nasty! Glad you're okay though, and hope you can muddle through with the added weight. Love the photos - the fish-eye look on the lake/mountain scene is great.

The Squirrel Hunter said...

Nice body cast. Was that the work of a trainee or a paper machee project from Ezra? I'm used to casts being more...aerodynamic than that. It seems particularly ungainly.
Oh ya, get well soon. And don't miss out on opportunities to club people with that thing. Jeremy smash! Smash hard!

Jeremy said...

I know, it's beyond ridiculous. I broke the little bone between my thumbnail and the first knuckle, not my entire arm. I woke up with it, so I didn't have a chance to critique the "craftsman" of this beast. I hope the surgeon didn't do it -- that wouldn't bode well for the job he did underneath the cast.

And thanks for the votes of sympathy, friends.