Monday, September 14, 2009

Flip Flop Family

I think I took this photo, but it was Bill's idea and camera -- I love it, and can't believe how many feet our family has. After a gloomy and wet Labour Day, it's back to a last blast of summer, and we've been taking advantage of it with some excellent daily beach sessions. The water is clear, sparkly and bloody cold, but when the wind is north, the sun really heats up the sand at Sunoka (facing south) so you want to jump in anyway. We've been meeting friends down there spontaneously -- the Duecks, Vandersluys clan, Kupecs and O'Gormans. I wish I had brought my camera more often. A few more shots:





Jason said...

Man, these kind of days just don't seem to be going away. Although... does say that it's supposed to be nice all week, rain all weekend, and be nice all next week. What do they know, anyway?

Jeremy said...

Sure has been nice, hasn't it? Today was a lot better than the forecast -- would love to see that continue.