Friday, October 16, 2009

Ella The Pearl

Our dear Ella turned six today. We often think of her as much older, and have had to remind ourselves that if she was in school, she'd just be starting Grade 1. Seems like about six weeks ago that she turned five. She was plowing into the first Harry Potter book this week, so proud that she was able to do it and keeping us entertained with running commentary about how far she was in the story. Some of her easy-going nature has seemed to harden into a more stubborn, independent streak lately, yet she's still got that little-girl innocence and quiet beauty too.

The Hiebert grandparents returned from Manitoba in time to take us out for fish 'n chips and celebrate last night. This morning she had a big breakfast and opened some presents, including fantastic goodies from the Friesen clan. This afternoon she celebrates with a pack of friends at the pool; swimming and cake and chaos. Happy birthday, beloved daughter. A few favourite photos, starting with a classic from half her lifetime ago:






Anonymous said...

Oh yes, beautiful fanciful Ella Pearl. We love her so much and love the pictures you posted. Miss her. Mama Pearl

Rob said...

I can hardly believe that we have been linked her whole life - happy birthday Pearl