Saturday, October 03, 2009

Duly Noted

A few notes on the week:
  • I got my first cast off on Friday, and got the sutures removed. I go into shock at the least pinprick (very embarrassing), and somehow even just getting x-rays had me nearly passing out. My poor thumb looks decidedly Frankensteinian, with a jagged, scabbed incision on top, weird button on the bottom holding pins in place, bruising, and a large pin sticking out of the tip. On the bright side, I got a much lighter fiberglass cast that lets me sort of play viola. Unfortunately, I'm back there on Tuesday so the surgeon can take a closer look.
  • Three days off with Ezra was excellent. The girls had a great Vancouver field trip, and we held the fort here, with our own side trip to stay over at my folks' place. I even got a free afternoon in Kelowna to take photos and wander through art galleries -- as a bonus I ran into Andrew by the library, so we grabbed a quick coffee.
  • I never properly posted about Pearl's excellent visit here the week before -- the perfect guest.
  • It's been over two weeks since I've seen Myron. He landed a pretty sweet new job as a vice principal at Penn High, and this is always a super-busy time of year for him.
  • Great feast at the Vandersluys residence last weekend, and we hosted them here tonight. Also met Andrew at the Perch one night; excellent as always.
  • The freezer is almost full after Tannis chopped and froze the huge bag of red peppers I picked up at Blossom for a song. The last peaches of the season are disappearing now, and with frost warnings we'll have to pick the last tomatoes green.






Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy week. What a cute picture of Ez again. You captured a great expression. (btw, i had a great week there)Pearl

Kaili said...

Are you getting excited for the ICE this year? I kid I kid, Only like to joke about your ice obsession!
We haven't seen you guys in FOREVER! Where are you all hiding? Or maybe it's us doing the hiding....hmmmm...

Jeremy said...

Thanks Pearl.

Yes, Kaili, the cold weather and this art gallery opportunity *do* have me thinking about ice photos again. I doubt that I'll pursue it with the same passion (ok, obsession was fair) this winter, and I'd be surprised if we had as much sub-zero weather as last year.

Yeah, weird that we haven't been bumping into you guys lately. We might have to be (gasp!) intentional about getting together.

Ang said...

Hey dude.
Love the photos! Your attention to detail and patterns is really interesting. You really have a great eye for your subject matter!
Fantastic pics!
I love the fire in Ezra's eyes, he seems like a real sparkplug!
We have a couple of those over here, so I know the level of intensity that has been brought into your home. hehehe.
Far out. Chat at you soon.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Steve. Yeah, the little guy is a piece of work -- totally different ballgame than what we remember from the girls at this age. Can't imagine the carnage you must have with two spark plugs like that. A chat would be good -- let's do that soon.