Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Iceman Cometh

I wasn't convinced that I was going to dive back in to ice photos as the weather got colder, but when Tannis came in from a trip uptown with reports of an orchard filled with icicles this morning, I was out the door in a flash. I guess the orchardist hadn't paid attention to the frost warnings and left his sprinklers on all night. His loss, my gain. Lots of interesting formations and literally thousands of icicles, which gave me a couple of hours of fun. I should probably institute a moratorium on new ice pictures until I've completed the preparations for the gallery show in the new year...but it felt great to be back at it.








Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,
I think the orchardists deliberately leave their sprinklers. I don't know the reasoning behind it -- but something to do with ensuring plant health.
BTW, Keremeos Creek up at Apex is almost frozen over. You would be quite delighted with the swirls and eddys (eddies?) of ice on it.

Anonymous said...

Some creative new views of ice. Great job. Pearl

Jeremy said...

Hey Gwen, I met a guy at the vineyard today who said the same -- that a bit of ice could actually insulate if it was going to get really cold. However, the one on Logie must have forgotten, because we're talking about ice several inches thick that had sadly broken many of trees.

You're feeding my addiction with these tales of October creek swirls!

Jeremy said...

As always, thanks for the support, Pearl. There's the danger of just rehashing past ice pics, but I still feel like I'm finding new things -- helps that I had never seen an orchard encased in ice before!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Beautiful, as always. I just linked to these in today's kicks-post. Hope that's okay.

jone said...

Your work is an insoiration. Fabulous!

JES said...

rehashing past ice pics

I bet Georgia O'Keefe sometimes thought: Flowers. Jeez, haven't I done enough flowers already?!? :)

Seriously -- such wonderful stuff. Anyone who claims to hate winter because it's so ugly, colorless, dull, and so on, should be required by law to pull any one of your photos at random from a stack of them, and just look at it for a few seconds. (Leave the stack discreetly to the side, of course, and the cynic would be on them the second he finished with the first!)

Jeremy said...

Thanks so much, 7-Imp friends. And thanks for the kick, Jules (don't hear that said often!).

John, I bet you're right about Georgia O'Keefe. We saw an extensive exhibit of her stuff a couple of years ago and I loved seeing the same motifs showing up repeatedly. Never exactly the same, of course. And yes, one of the things about this ice project that has inspired me is that it's a reminder to look for beauty in places nobody else is looking.