Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Ice

We haven't seen too much winter yet, but a few cold mornings have yielded some interesting ice. On one of my days in Kelowna, I grabbed sushi and went down to Mission Creek Park -- just beneath the main bridge, there were some shaded puddles that were frozen over, so I spent a few minutes taking photos. The creek down to Peach Orchard has had some great icicles too. Yes, I'm such an ice geek. (...or a nice geek, as Tannis says)








Anonymous said...

Love your icicle creature and icicle tube. Unique formations. Pearl

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Pearl. I still feel like I'm finding new formations...or at least new ways to capture them. Perhaps that's the clue to when I'll stop hunting ice...when they all start to look the same to me.

Tannis said...

Such a nice geek. The humour never ends around here.

Jeremy said...

har I see that my grammar sucks

kenny said...

These are amazing...what kind of camera do you use?

Jeremy said...

Thanks...a mix of cameras and lenses. Sometimes my old point 'n shoot Canon S2IS because it has a neat supermacro function, but usually a Canon 30D with a 50mm lens w/closeup filter -- many of these were with a 100-300 telephoto because that's all I had along.

Most of my ice photos from the past year are here.