Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Else, Dad?

Ezra is pretty funny right now. A handful, yes, but he makes us laugh every day. I put together a few of the recent video clips to give a bit of a picture of where he's at these days.
  • "play trains with Dad!"
  • learning to skate on the backyard rink
  • helping mom blow out her birthday candles
  • composing a song
  • stretching with his sisters
  • covering ears as the pipes and drums enter
  • creative counting during exercise
  • talking about breakfast



Jason said...

His favourite number has to be 9. Great montage, Jer.

linseyv said...

Holy crap can he be any cuter?? How you are ever going to deny that one anything I don't know. :)

Jeremy said...

He could be cuter if he wasn't demanding things every 15 seconds -- if we didn't deny him everything he wanted, he'd be eating trick-or-treat candy on a flying train at H2O 24 hours a day.

Anonymous said...

Love it. His voice is so cute. (Did you play train??) Pearl

Anonymous said...

What a great chuckle you gave us this morning, thanks! We'd love to be there with you guys today!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for dropping by here, dear Friesens. Glad you got a kick out of this -- I'm always thinking of you guys when I post this stuff.

Nikki + Shane said...

Too sweet, Jer. I think Ezra and Palmer would get along like a house on fire.

I have a question with regards to your video uploads - are they quick to load? Reason being I've been trying unsuccessfully to load a 22 sec. video to Blogger and it's taking forever and I'm wondering if it's just me.

Mark said...

so i FINALLY got around to watching this. cute doesn't quite seem to cover it. well done.

Jeremy said...

Hmm...sorry I missed these last two comments when they came in.

Nicole, I think you're right. The gap between them probably wouldn't seem as big now as it was a few months ago.

About video uploads...depends on the size, so if your video is uncompressed (as in, straight out of the camera) it might be pretty big -- I'd recommend throwing it into Windows Movie Maker, which lets you save a much smaller version for viewing on the web, then trying again.

Thanks, Mark -- glad you liked it.