Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Past

Yikes, almost a month since my last post, and no mention of Christmas as mid-January comes and goes. Words of concern have started to pop up from my three-to-five loyal blog readers. It was an excellent holiday season and things have been going well since -- I didn't take much time off, but work was fairly mellow and it felt like I had lots of time with the family. A few photos and notes:
  • My grandma was out from Winnipeg and it was great to see her again. She's slowed down a fair bit, even since we were out there in June, and it was weird not having Grandpa around for this visit. Despite those melancholy notes, she seemed to really enjoy herself; puzzling with me and J, watching her great-grandchildren (with their parents), feasting, resting and being surrounded by loved ones. As an aside, Cousin Nicole had some insightful reflections about Grandma this week too.

  • On Christmas Day, we headed to my mom and dad's for brunch and opening presents. Later Jason and Karen and the boys hung out for a while, and eventually Lucy, Dave and Mel's family arrived for the big supper feast. Great warm vibe all day, fun and surprisingly mellow considering the number of people (many of them kids) in the house. My parents were perfect hosts, as usual.

  • We did our own stockings and presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Lots of time cozy by the fire, with good things to eat and drink. Very nice, and quite quiet. The backyard rink got us outside a few times to burn off some steam.





Michelle said...

Tannis is just beautiful isn't she?

Jeremy said...

Yes, yes she is.

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