Monday, January 04, 2010

Revisiting Creative Goals...2010 Edition

Two years ago I started the tradition (although I didn't know that then) of reflecting on my creative goals and setting some for the new year. I didn't do too hot on that first set of goals when I looked at them again last year.

I might have set more realistic goals at that point, because it seems like I did slightly better -- probably helped to limit the goals to two areas, and I think I'll stick with that again. I'd love to paint, but it's not going to happen.


2009: "This year I'd love to learn some fiddle music, in Irish and gypsy styles. I may also spring for a new violin, having found some limitations in this rental of mine."

It seems bizarre to me that last year at this time the viola wasn't even on my radar yet. I did learn a few fiddle tunes on the violin last year, but I became much more absorbed in the viola as the year progressed, and almost exclusively composing my own stuff. I largely ignored the second Suzuki book I thought I'd dig into. Gear-wise, I got that nice violin (which I enjoyed a lot over the holidays again) for my birthday, an electric 5-string and a couple of violas, one of which is now for sale.

Musical highlights for me last year included surviving my recital, playing on Robin's album (and performing at the CD release party), playing with Ivy and my mom at our summer party in August, the Leir House fiddle jam, and getting ever-so-slightly better as the months tick by.

2010 Music Goals
  • Learn to do multi-track recording with my laptop. Our new keyboard should be helpful for this project, at least for basic percussion...maybe I can even brush up on my long-atrophied junior-high piano "skills" to help that along.
  • Compose and record 10 songs. This number is arbitrary, but not unrealistic -- I'm envisioning an instrumental album that will likely sound as bad as any first attempt. I've started playing bass again as part of this goal too, resurrecting some old songs I'd like to experiment with.
  • Play well with others. Or even just play with others, well or not. No coincidence that last year's musical highlights involved playing music with people, and I want to do more of that.
  • Don't become Ross from Friends -- sadly this may have already happened.
  • Don't buy more stuff. I don't anticipate the need for more instruments...perhaps fewer would be better. However, I would love to get a baritone horn. I bought an inexpensive mic and audio interface to start with -- if it doesn't do the trick, I may need to upgrade it as the months pass.


2009: "Gear-wise...the only thing to covet being a nice wide angle lens and my first tripod. I'd like to strive for two somewhat opposite goals: more variety in my choice of subjects, and one or two themes that I start to build a sort of collection around."

Something to be said for setting good goals -- my two chosen themes were ice and orchards, and I was very happy with those projects. The Blurb book came out of the ice project, which led to the art show, which could lead to other things as well -- so far a very successful undertaking. I've learned things about that process that I should be able to apply to other areas as well.

The second part of that goal -- more variety in my subjects -- I did ok on, I think. Still lots of family snapshots, but I was proud of my other new sets: wild horses, trees, abstracts, prairie trip, music, wild things, Vancouver trip, etc. I also got the sweet wide angle, and it facilitated many good shots this year. Never got the tripod.

2010 Photography Goals

I'm hoping that the show at the art gallery goes well, but most of the work for that happened last year already. I'm feeling more ambitious and focused on photography than I was this time last year, which may mean I take it up a notch or get burnt out and take up basket weaving. More specific:
  • Take a photo every day. I hope this doesn't feel like flossing or taking multivitamins, but I joined a Flickr group with a bunch of online friends who are all attempting to take (and post)a photo a day this year. So far I've felt a bit manic about it as my 365 set emerges...not entirely sure it will be as good for my health as flossing and vitamins.
  • Initiate another gallery show. Unless the first one flops...actually then I should definitely try another one.
  • Self-publish at least two more Blurb books this year. I've already done one in the first few days of 2010, a revised (and smaller/cheaper) version of my original ice book: preview here.
  • I know what my next lens will be, but if I save up properly for it, I won't be able to afford it this year: 100-400mm. An excellent macro lens and a new body will also be on the wish list as long as I keep making this my primary hobby and potential side business.
And then there's blogging, which should probably be included here. I get regular bouts of blog envy, finding ones with amazing writing, gorgeous layouts, outrageous photos and more authenticity. BUT, I'm mostly just glad that I've kept this one going even if it limps sometimes. Maybe it's not so creative, but at least it's not going away.



Mark said...

i'm jealous. good for you!

Mark said...

i'm jealous. good for you!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Mark. I'm not sure which part you're jealous of, though...