Friday, January 08, 2010

Tegan Und Sara

We saw Tegan and Sara for the first time in 2007. It might have been too soon to see them again. Not that they weren't good this time -- I found them very entertaining, funny and sharp -- but the novelty had sort of worn off, I guess. Like I said way too many times in my bloated U2 review, seeing any band twice in a few years involves the hazard of repeats: the bad songs are still bad, and the good ones are still good.

Anyway, I won't burden anyone (myself especially) with the same ridiculous level of painstaking analysis this time. Lots of middle-of-the-road performances, but here are the ones that stood out for me:


Arrow, Hell, and Someday were real standouts from the new album -- On Directing wasn't one of my favourites from Sainthood, but they really kicked it live. They played pretty much the whole rest of the album, which fell flat as far as I was concerned. I thought Burn Your Life Down and Nineteen were the lone highlights from the last album (they didn't play Floorplan, my fave). Walking With A Ghost, I Bet It Stung, Where Does The Good Go and Speak Slow represented So Jealous with aplomb (the title track, not so much) -- of course I would have liked to have heard more of that one. They closed with a rousing rendition of Living Room, one of the few older songs -- great closer, energetic and fun.


As I really do like this band, it pains me a bit to list the real stinkers, but these ones were pretty awful: Don’t Rush, Red Belt, The Cure, Night Watch, Soil, Soil, and Alligator.

The acoustic encore mini-set was anticlimactic, although I loved that they mocked the ritual of encores...and their harmonies for Feel it in My Bones were outstanding. Very young crowd, although with a sprinkling of oldsters (like us), definitely skewed female. All in all, a fun night out.

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