Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Glade

My bro is out from Ottawa right now, and we celebrated my birthday in style -- hitting our old stomping grounds off the Powder Chair at Big White for the day. He and I have a fairly volatile history together, but one that includes much shared joy on snowboards and bikes. We connect well while having fun.

Although our aging bodies threatened mutiny most of the day, we relished better-than-expected snow conditions and managed to ride trees most of the day with no permanent damage. The camera did not behave, but I did get a minute of shaky video -- consider it a sort of game to try to follow Ryan through the trees as I tried to.


Tannis said...

I'm surprisingly envious.

Jeremy said...

Not really surprising at all -- you know what it's like in there when the snow is favourable!

The Squirrel Hunter said...

Fricken powder chair. That should have been the death of me ten times over. Why you would bother to drag your weary old bones up there is beyond me. I'll assume you didn't touch the chutes. If it were me, it would be a day spent focussed on the pub and hot tub.

Happy birthday you geezer.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Plett. It is true that there's no real easy route down from the top of the Powder to the bottom unless you loop around to the top of the Ridge...yet you survived it repeatedly while learning to snowboard.

We talked about checking out the chairlift (apparently put in a couple of years ago) on the cliff, but it was fogged right in at the top of the Powder and we didn't like the prospects of zero visibility in those open chutes and bowls. The trees kept us happy, despite creaking bones and pulled muscles.