Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Da Kids: Part 18

I used to do kid updates more often, I think. This one's been overdue for a while, as the photos are piling up in my flickr stream. This first one is a fairly typical morning scene at our house -- a slow start around eight, breakfast together, then I head downstairs and Tannis gets the girls going on their learning projects while trying to keep Ezra from causing too much damage.

I could have used more winter this year. Ezra loved the brief bits of snow we got around Christmas, as well as skating in the backyard. He's a curious, hilarious little guy with two occasional not-so-good streaks: stubborn and mean. He's slowly getting the hang of using his potty, but only when he feels like it. Loves the library, pool, coffee shop, museums and Grandma and Grandpa's place...quite bored of our house, it seems.

In the sunshine on Saturday, our thermometer said 21 degrees -- when I moved it into the shade and let it sit a bit, it settled on 17. So we had a picnic and marveled at the weird, warm weather for mid-February. Ella has also been stoked on skating, and her art has really taken off the last few months. She's still game for anything, but seems to be more getting more discerning and independent. Loves gymnastics, play dates, and pumpkin soup. She's beautiful inside and out.

Ivy reads and reads these days, happy until we interrupt her. She's always got projects on the go; so many that it's hard to keep track of them all. She enjoys connecting with her friends at Brownies and play dates, and we've noticed that she often likes helping around the house as long as we don't ask her while she's reading. A few photos from the last couple of months: with her fiddle group, drawing date with me, violin lesson with Liz and tending to her grass-head creature.





Anonymous said...

I love catching up on your family and seeing the kids grow. They are beautiful, and we hope to see them soon.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Heather. You guys have sometimes done a spring trip out this way, but maybe not with baby this year?

Anonymous said...

It has been talked about. We certainly would be up for it, but there is a lot of details to consider (mainly, Ryan's company). Also the chance remains that we would simply spend our entire time in Qualicum Beach versus doing the drive from there to Summerland. We shall see!

Jeremy said...

Right on...keep us posted.

Pearl said...

Hey, we may not be camera experts but we sure appreciate what you can capture in your pictures of the kids. Love the personalities and moods that come through. Thanks again, have been feeling rather out of touch, especially with erratic internet connection here. They are all changing. Ezzie's curled up nose is so cute.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Pearl -- glad you're enjoying the pics. Spring trip to BC when you get back, or wait for summer?

Mark said...

haven't had time to go back in time until now. thanks for the updates. they are invaluable when i feel like (not just am) halfway around the world.

Jeremy said...

It sure is an epic journey -- you must have moments of homesickness and missing friends/family -- of course we're all home being jealous of your adventures.