Saturday, February 13, 2010


Myron had a speaking engagement in Golden, BC last week and offered that I could tag along if I wanted to. As it sounded like a nice break from routine and a chance to hang out with him more than usual, I took a day off and accepted. In theory it's about four hours each way, but took more like five. We blabbed pretty much non-stop and the time went really quickly, reminiscent of a few legendary all-nighter cross-country trips we took in the '90s.

We checked in to the hotel later in the evening, so really I only had about eight hours to kill in Golden the next day. Rare for me to have that amount of uninterrupted free time, and it was pure joy. It's been colder up there, so I went ice hunting with my camera first thing in the morning. Back to the hotel for a hot tub and a nap, then up to Kicking Horse Resort for sushi and more exploration.

Unlike home, which has mostly been too warm this winter for ice photos in the wild, I found all kinds of cool ice shapes on the Columbia River: bubbles, curves, lattice, filaments, embossed metal, leaf veins and curtains. This week I ordered a new macro lens, which theoretically could be even better for shots like this -- looking forward to playing with it a bit and seeing if I can push the envelope...but may need to drive north again to find some ice. The backyard rink has still been yielding some interesting ice photos, but not for much longer.






Gwen said...

Hey Jeremy, can you describe the photo called "ice levitation"? Are we looking into the ice?

Jeremy said...

Yes, it was a very thick (several inches), clear icicle with those odd bubbles not far beneath the surface. The weird honeycomb texture was on the backside of the ice, attached to a wooden pole. I would have loved to have had my point-n-shoot along to get even closer to those main bubbles.