Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little 'berts

Yes, the kids look exactly the same as the last time I did a post like this. Yet I've taken some flack recently for only pointing my camera at inanimate objects, so this is partly pandering. They've been spending more time outside again, which makes for better photo ops. We try to go for a couple of walks each week, usually at our favourite spots: Sunoka, Ornamental Gardens, Peach Orchard (including the bird sanctuary and creek walk), some of these are from those excursions. Oh, and I still do get the occasional photo of my beautiful wife too.

In milestone news, Ezra is wearing big-boy undies full-time now. Yes, I just cursed the entire process by saying that out loud.





Nikki + Shane said...

It may be the jaunty cap, but man, does Ezra ever look like grandpa there. Great pics of the kids as usual! Your girls are beauties.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Nicole...I can totally see Gramps in that shot too.

Angella said...

I haven't seen your kids in so long! Ezra looks like such a BIG BOY.

Jeremy said...

I guess we've all been hibernating for the winter...not that we had much actual winter to hide from. Won't be long before we'll spot each other at the beach again.