Monday, March 01, 2010

Creativity Update

Remember those creative resolutions? Well, I promptly failed on the photo-a-day project. My 365 stalled permanently at 31, even after being quoted in the Penticton Herald saying that I was planning to complete a year's worth of photos. Sigh.

However, I did find a bargain on a good macro lens, and the guy threw in an old bellows kit for a pittance. So I've been playing with that and much enjoying seeing the world from a bug's eye view: Eye of Providence, funky grass fuzz, and the wispy seed strands at the top of this post. The lens is a 100mm f/2.8 macro, and it's been fun to explore too: colourful lichen (just for Plett), spring buds, scrap metal coil, and of course my go-to subject, ice. Yes, the set of ice photos is still growing every week. My folks got me a nice tripod for my birthday too, which has been helpful.

On the music front, I'm seeing that my recording goals were likely too optimistic, but I'm plugging away. Ivy and I performed a fiddle-tune duet at a couple of recitals, which was really fun. I've been composing a bit too. Last summer I wrote a classical solo violin piece, and over the last few weeks I worked out a harmonized duet part for it -- our violin teacher has agreed to learn it and accompany me at our recital in June. The sound quality and synchronization of the playing is not very good, but I think this rough recording gives a sense of where I'm at right now: Vienna (both parts) (2mb mp3).





The Squirrel Hunter said...

A closeup of a lichen just for me? I feel I need to bake you something now. I'd make more fun of it, but sadly it's a nice picture. Baking doesn't seem like a fair reward, as I'm no good at it. I could re-caulk your house for you. That skill has improved over the last week.

And even a moderate level of commitment to your goals is more than most people ever put out. Go back to taking a photo a day. If anyone asks about the gaps, just say you were hospitalized and you'd rather not talk about it.

Jeremy said...

No need to bake anything. Your acknowledgment that any of my fungus photos don't suck is thanks enough.

Although we probably could use some caulking...

JES said...

Just a thought on the photo-a-day project: it looked to me that your 31 days were well-spent. Maybe resolve instead to do a month-long one-a-day project every now and then? Or a week-long one-a-day? Or, okay, a day-long one-a-day? :)

I agree: doing it for a whole year would require more obsession-compulsion than even I could muster!

Especially liked the stitched-together orchard panorama. Seemed to me like a textbook study on the Golden Proportion -- especially a point of attention-focus about a third of the way in from the left, and a third of the way down. Nice!

Mark said...

love the new subjects equally as much as the ice.

Jeremy said...

Thanks so much for this note, John, and for the kind words. I had forgotten about that orchard panorama, but revisited it this morning.
I think your advice is good -- that 31-day project was very gratifying, and I could certainly do another like that without too much trouble.

Thanks, Mark! I realize they aren't everybody's cup of tea...