Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter With Esther (and Family)

Honoured guests joined us for Easter weekend this year: the Vancouver Eidses. Dear Imogene and Ezra played like mad, and were great buddies with very few exceptions -- they both seemed to run out of gas a bit as the weekend progressed, but generally kept it together for a couple of two-year-olds.

My folks came and watched all the kids Saturday night (and mom brought eclairs!) so we could go on a double-date that was marred only by my own pigheadedness in trying to "win" a conversation that should have had no winners or losers. Esther showed great patience with me. Local Lounge put on good eats and beverages, the lake listened in, and we delved into a wide range of topics before it was time to bolt back to the little ones.

Angelo and I got to do our favourite thing together -- spinning pedals on singletrack -- on a ride up and down Giant's Head and then a long cross-country trek out past the trestle the next day. Plenty of laughter and analyzing and beer-drinking followed. Tannis also managed to fit in a hockey tournament (the kids got to be rink rats), And then just like that, the long weekend felt too short.



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