Sunday, April 25, 2010

Special Guests

Tannis's parents had a window of time between returning from the Dominican and heading back to work, so they hopped in their car and hightailed it to the Okanagan for a quick trip. As always, they were perfect guests, helping with the food and cleanups, entertaining the kids and making us all wish we lived closer together. Larry did some of the urgent fix-up things around the house that we (ok, I) had been neglecting -- handyman gifts. I realized the day before they were leaving that I hadn't really taken any photos, so quickly snapped a few:


Pearl said...

What energy children have and these action shots are great. The girls got quite creative in developing rhythms and sounds for shaking the jar. Tho short we had a wonderful time. Thanks for the warm hospitality and memories. G Pearl

Jeremy said...

'twas an excellent visit...wishing we could do that every couple of weeks.