Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blog B-Day

This insignificant corner of the web had a significant milestone this week -- turning seven years old. I thought it might hit a thousand posts this year, but at a rate of a couple of posts a month it will be well into next year when that goal is met...not that it makes any difference. When I was setting creative goals for this year, blogging was an afterthought:
"And then there's blogging, which should probably be included here. I get regular bouts of blog envy, finding ones with amazing writing, gorgeous layouts, outrageous photos and more authenticity. BUT, I'm mostly just glad that I've kept this one going even if it limps sometimes. Maybe it's not so creative, but at least it's not going away."
Longevity for longevity's sake isn't really a worthy goal, yet the longer this experiment continues, the more value it has to me -- even the lamest posts from a half-dozen years ago make me smile and reflect...and it helps me remember, as this has become a sort of external memory bank. A couple of years ago I collected some of the highlights in one post. Maybe I'll pop a few links at the bottom of this post to collect highlights that have happened since then.

I've been thinking about it this week, as my cousin Nicole has decided to shutter her blog after four years. Most of my friends who have started blogs in the past five years have let them lapse, and the same can be said of most of the blogs ever started by anyone. It's not for everyone, it's not easy, and it doesn't always seem worth the effort -- many have found the quick updates of Twitter or Facebook more to their liking, which is better than nothing in an age when almost nobody writes letters any more, and even personal e-mails seem to have become infrequent. So I salute those who have continued to share bits of their lives online, and thank those of you who have contributed thoughts and encouragement here over the years.


Mellowdee said...

Even if you only post something a couple times a month, the fact that you've managed to keep this one breathing for seven years is an awesome milestone. Myself, I've loved and left many blogs in the past. I believe a year n' a half is my personal record. Gosh... now that I think of it, you must've started this blog before most people even knew what "blogging" was! You're like a modern pioneer. ;)

Pearl said...

Ohhhh, this blog has been such a major connection for us, seeing the progress of the family and following flikr pictures. We appreciate the work it takes to keep it up, since I have so not been able to keep mine up. Thank you, thank you.

Andrew said...

happy birthday, headspacejblog.

The Squirrel Hunter said...

Encouragement? I grew up in Rosenort, I only know how to speak in crippling sarcasm.

Okay, I can try this.

Way to go with the blog Jer! No, no, that's the type of thing sarcastic people say. Dang this runs deep. Focus.

I like the pictures of the kids. And the rest of the fam, friends and everyone in between. It doesn't make up for only seeing them in person once every other year, but it's better than nothing.

You've become very artsy-fartsy over the last few years. It's intersting, maybe alarming to a simple menno like me. Oboes and lichens and ice, oh my!

And if nothing else, our sage wisdom regarding playoff picks can be preserved for all to see. I'm sure we both had a Montreal/Philadelphia conference final. We're so smart.

Happy birthvesary Jerblog Headbert.

Ang said...

i envy you for upkeeping this heirloomish blog. seriously, i vish, i vish i would do da zame vith mine. a pat on the back mr. jer.

Chris said...

Happy birthday headspace. Nice that, insignificant as it is it is also a lovely friendspace. Bring your family to island this year to celebrate!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for these kind words, friends. I see that I haven't added any highlights to the bottom of this post, as promised...