Saturday, May 01, 2010


I added another 120 photos to my main ice set this winter, at least after my December cutoff for the gallery show. Safe to say that season is over now. I've been adding orchard photos again too, but I'm not really finding new views of that subject any more. My hunt for another subject has turned up an unlikely candidate: scrap metal.

Yes, my tetanus shots are up to date. Poking around piles of rusted junk isn't much safer or more comfortable than the ice obsession, and in some ways the approach is similar -- I'm using the same strategies and techniques in an attempt to find beauty where nobody expects to find it. It's another odd one, and I understand if people don't really get it.







Nikki + Shane said...

Oh. Wow. I love this concept. Can't WAIT to see more!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Nicole. I'll keep adding to this one, I's been fun so far.

Mellowdee said...

Very cool. I love how you're using the same technique to expose the odd beauty within such a different muse. Your first subject, organic. Your second, man-made. Both overlooked. I think I see another art show in your future.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Mel...we'll see. As cool as these are, they lack that next level of depth or purpose that good art shows seem to have.