Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Today's Forecast

This is the kind of forecast I like in July, especially when the spring has been wetter and cooler than usual. Of course we'll get get tired of the heat eventually, but for now...bring on the beach.

July 11 Update: Glorious week -- at Powell or Sunoka beach every afternoon and evening, usually with friends and a picnic. Bill and Sam joined us for the last few sessions, and tonight we converged with the Vandersluys and Hildebrand clans as well. Kids running wild, delicious potluck, buckets of cherries, warm swims...good livin'. Tannis left a bit early tonight to pick at least 20 liters of strawberries, some of which went straight into the freezer. This in addition to the 25-ish pounds of cherries I swiped off the Vandersluys tree in the morning -- 'tis the season.


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Pearl said...

Oh, memories of summers past. Sounds pretty ideal. I love that shot of Ezra/goggles! What a cutie. How is he in the water this year?

Jeremy said...

So far he's had a healthier respect for the water -- had one good dunk last week that seems to have kept him close enough to shore. Earlier on, the water temperature kept him close, but it's warmed up nicely now.