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  Thursday, December 23, 2010
Red Rooster Show 

I think we opened the photography show at Red Rooster with reasonable flair. It was fun, and very cool to see so many friends and acquaintances there to show their support for my creative efforts. Downstairs, we staged the string quartet in front of the wine-tasting bar. Upstairs, my mom and dad had set up wonderful snacks, wine was being served, and the pictures covered the walls.

Here's the slideshow of the pictures that made the cut, of course not displayed so nicely as in big frames on the wall, but still better than nothing for those of you who are far away:

I had put way more work into the musical component of the afternoon, so that was the highlight for me. What a thrill to hear my compositions come alive in that space, playing with three wonderful musicians. I felt proud and humbled at the same time. We took simple video and recorded it as best we could, and they actually turned out pretty good. Here's the first song, March:

The rest of the videos, recordings and information about the music are over on my project blog, which I updated accordingly: The Summerland Suite. I was particularly proud of March, May, September and October -- June didn't work as well, and although January is probably my favourite composition, I thought we struggled with it at times. It is the most complex of the bunch.

Jason and Andrew took a bunch of photos of the proceedings, for which I'm so grateful, as I didn't have the time/energy/brainpower to take any for myself. The photos are already helpful as memory triggers, reminding me of little mini-highlights and conversations I had throughout the afternoon.

Special thanks to my parents, who continually support my creativity, helped pay for the printing and generously supplied the delicious food. They both also took the time afterward to tell me how proud they were -- who doesn't want to hear that from their parents (even as a grown-up)? Thanks to them, it was a great party.

Here are a few of the photos that Jason graciously took while I was wandering and shmoozing and making music:

Liz Lupton, our wonderful violin teacher.

My mom, generous and proud.

Brothers! A rare shot of me and Ryan.

Cellist and friend Martin.

Ez, standing in front of good friends Richard and Liz.

What a treat to have Tannis's mom Pearl visiting!

This beautiful woman was so taken by the art that she ended up at my place later.


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