Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life According to Facebook

Facebook seems to get all of my little updates lately, but I miss having a record of them here. They seem to disappear quickly over there, lost in the shuffle. Just for the heck of it, I pulled out the status updates from the last two months, and decorated with some recent photos.
  • This song makes me want to hit the open road, and head east with no timetable, no destination in mind...
  • Once a month, I feature local photographers on Awesome Okanagan -- this month the profile is on Simon and Deborah Kuhl from Penticton. I really admire their portraits.
  • feeling lucky to have had two dates with my sweetheart this week...excellent pasta at Victoria Rd Deli & Bistro last weekend, and great brunch today at Local Lounge • Grille...nice to get awesome food in our little town.
  • loved performing with Ivy at her spring recital

  • ice-arrangement

  • spent the day with Ezra: umpteen games of crazy-8s, a teetering pile of picture books, extended spelling bee, Summerland museum and library, multiple errands, Rolly was hilarious seeing people chuckling at our identical curly heads in town.
  • staggered by the coverage coming out of Japan
  • Jeremy Hiebert was at Boston pizza with Chris Phillips and Jason St. Pierre.
  • found out that the Ponderosa Pine at the entrance to the Peach Orchard campground was at least 300 years old...our lives are a blip

  • winter-thicket
  • coyotes howling at ambulances
  • had a clear breakaway on Tannis Hiebert tonight and couldn't score.
  • should really play noon-hour hockey more often
  • Thanks to Andrew Vandersluys for lending me this documentary (My Architect) at least six months ago. I watched it last night and found it mesmerizing.
  • Colt45 is a very bad beer. I had been avoiding the lone can in the fridge for a month, but finally ran out of everything else tonight when I got in from hockey. Thanks Lorne Hildebrand.
  • Nice tribute to Marj Heinrichs from Mishkeegogamang, where she had many friends and did great work.

  • ice-delicate-edge
  • It's interesting how our kids listen to music. They pick one song and put it on repeat so it plays at least five times in a row, then pick another song and repeat...repeat...repeat...
  • "-13°C Feels like: -20°C" -- Like living in the prairies...and great for making/finding ice. (Feb.25)
  • I'm excited about this reading on Thursday night -- Adam Lewis Schroeder and Darcie Friesen Hossack at Hooked On Books in Penticton. Two amazing authors, both with books nominated for The Commonwealth Writers' Prize.
  • February smoothie from August harvest

  • four-icicles-frost
  • knows Princeton, BC is not an exotic destination by any measure, but had a great weekend anyway (Feb.20)
  • immersed in Mendelssohn
  • off to the Philosopher's Cafe to hear Wolfgang Peter Depner
  • my apologies if you got spam from my gmail account
  • This has been an ongoing photography project these last few years, trying to capture our local orchards in all seasons, mostly within a mile or two of our place. I'm particularly drawn to visual patterns formed by the rows and branches.
  • used up all of the moves and trades in my hockey pool...most of them futile...looks like I'm stuck with what I've got from here on in

  • orchard-road
  • got a kick-ass box of CDs from Melodie Krieger Cliffe
  • No idea how the rink froze solid again...+3 last night and skating in sunny +8 this morning.
  • morning skate with the kids, then out for library and sushi in town
  • I profiled local photographer Greg Gaspari for this month's In Focus feature on Awesome Okanagan. He's got some wonderful photos -- definitely worth checking out.
  • Rare Tuesday-night date with my sweetheart: Mosaic Books, Doc Willoughby's Downtown Pub, and then the Afiara String Quartet ...thanks to Dianne Hiebert and Gerald Hiebert
  • My cellist-friend Martin adds some wonderful sounds to this beautiful song. Sorry to have missed this performance on Saturday

  • ice-pancakes-dense

  • yesterday :+5, today: snowfall warning in effect, tomorrow: +6
  • Great birthday. Felt loved.
  • You say it's your birthday? It's my birthday too. Please feel free to use comments on this post to mock my transition from mid- to late-30s, or to entirely ignore it if that suits you better.
  • Those of you who know Myron and Tracey might get a kick out this one. Myron takes his backyard rink very seriously, and this weekend's skating session also included a goalie in full gear, a campfire, sausages roasting on the BBQ, and beer chilling in the snow.

  • ice-kaleidoscope
  • Our friends Milt and Carla didn't have an easy time getting out of Egypt -- they're in this video clip from CTV.
  • I wrote up a quick article about the opening for the Summerland Art Gallery's first show of the year.
  • was inspired to try some all-star moves tonight at hockey, clearly forgetting that he doesn't have any all-star moves.
  • Thanks to Chris Phillips, my site is back online:
  • can't believe how young the NHL all-stars look...even the veterans
  • tried making sushi for the first time
  • I've been savoring this beautiful book of prairie photography.
  • Thanks to CBC's Canada Reads for getting me to read Essex County by Jeff Lemire -- wow, what an incredible book.
  • - 3 tonight...hopefully cold enough to turn the backyard "pool" back into the backyard rink. Jan.21

  • layers-buds
    Dreaming of Whitehorse and Iceland...why am drawn north while everyone flies south?
  • My old friend Jean Guy from Niverville has started a new musical project, and it's sounding fantastic -- worth checking out.
  • inspired by the wonderful violin performance of musician Jasper Meiklejohn
  • breakfast with the Duecks...French toast, fruit and friends
  • Rain and +8 in mid-January?
  • off to find out the theme for the Summerland Art Gallery's 14-day challenge
  • I profiled local photographer Rick Forgo on Awesome Okanagan this month. He's got a cool style and great outlook -- check it out if you have a minute.






Mellowdee said...

What a rich life!

Jeremy said...

It looks richer when all the richness is compressed like this! Perhaps I should add some thorns to the roses for balance...

Heather said...

The bird pic?! Amazing.