Thursday, March 03, 2011

Skating Away the Winter

It's not over yet, but it's probably safe to say that this has been one of our best seasons for outdoor skating. Although we lacked a long cold snap to freeze the sides of Okanagan Lake, it stayed cold enough to keep freezing the backyard rink through January and February, even after a couple of crazy warm spells that turned it into a backyard pool. I felt like the effort I put into it was well rewarded, both for my own childlike enjoyment and to get the kids flying around out there when we're feeling cooped up inside.

I've added a couple of dozen photos to my skating set on Flickr. A few highlights:
  • Our most spectacular skate was on Vaseux Lake just after New Year's. It was incredibly beautiful, and of course I geeked out on ice photos. My mom and dad came along, as well as Myron and Raja and their kids later on. We shot the puck around, explored the shoreline, went to see the swans swimming in the open water, and found interesting things on the lake bottom (even some fish swimming!)...but the real thrill was just to be able to skate for miles on smooth, clear ice, surrounded by mountains and sky.
  • Myron and Tracey hosted a couple of great skating parties, complete with bonfire and sausages on the BBQ. At one, Raja even got fully geared up for goalie duty. Total Canadiana, and the best way to embrace winter.
  • We did a handful of nighttime skates on our backyard rink with Christmas lights and fires for roasting marshmallows -- always a treat, and usually followed by hot chocolate before bedtime.
  • Lots of falls, smiles and laughter on the rink. Ivy got a bit burned out on it later in the season, and I had to clear a lot of snow a few times, but overall it has been awesome.
  • Ezra had started learning to skate last year, but it's been amazing to see him take off this year -- even handling the puck. He's in a few of the little video clips below.

Here's the slideshow for that set of skating photos:

And some of my favourite photos:








Nikki + Shane said...

Note to self: make skating rink in yard next year. That looks AWESOME! Those are some great shots of your winter skating in review.

Jeremy said...

Thanks! Of course Winnipeg has at least 2,400 outdoor rinks already...but there is something pretty awesome about going out your back door. Bet Palmer would love it.

Nikki + Shane said...

It's true ... but it's been SO bloody cold the last few months I wouldn't have wanted to go to all the work of getting dressed only to have the kids want to skate for 2 minutes and then be done. Whereas if it's at your own place and there's no drive to do the two minutes wouldn't be so frustrating. Maybe?

As it stands we've done a fair bit of free skates indoors this winter - Palmer's first on skates and he's LOVED it!

Pearl said...

Looks like quite an active winter. Lots of great memories.