Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Recital

Ivy played a number of songs at her spring recital this week. I put together a few of the clips in this short video -- a Fiddlekidz song, a duet I wrote and performed with her, and a solo fiddle tune she likes called Sheepskins and Beeswax:

I also asked Liz the day before whether she'd mind playing one of my duets with me, so we gave it a go, even though we had only ever tried it once a month ago. Despite my apparent inability to brush my hair or wear a nicer shirt than the one that came with pajama bottoms, I think it turned out pretty nice:

We were both interviewed for a local radio station, and clips of it played the next morning:


Tannis said...

Beautiful. Thank you for bringing the wonderful music into our lives and home!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for putting up with the less successful efforts...