Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tracey's Birthday (Last Year)

This week Tannis took Tracey out for her birthday -- girls' night out in Kelowna with a nice Mexican feast and then the Sarah McLachlan concert that nobody seemed to have heard about. Sounds like it was excellent. It reminded me that I had never posted about her giant birthday bash LAST year -- a milestone 40th with surprise guests, a live band, and an incredible spread of food and drinks. I'm not a big party guy, but it was pretty fantastic and I had planned to post a few photos at least.

We're so thankful to have old friends like the Duecks here in Summerland -- people who don't require additional explanation when we can throw out old Rosenort references to explain some facet of human nature.



Tannis said...

It was a great night but I don't know if I technically "took her out"! Had I remembered it was a birthday celebration I wouldn't have let her split the bill...I'm hopeless with staying on top of the birthday thing.

Jeremy said...

Hey, you were more on top of it than I was.

Myron said...

Thanks for posting these pics - It was super-fun. Except that Jim Friesen reminds me constantly that he was not invited and that e would have been there if he had been.

Jeremy said...

Jim's not going to let you forget that one. You should invite him over for every kids' birthday party and all the stat holidays until he acknowledges that he wouldn't have come to T's party even if you had invited him.