Friday, June 03, 2011

Conkle Mountain Trail

Tannis and I don't get to ride our bikes together very often, but my folks took the kids last weekend and sent us out. I got to show Tannis the trail on Conkle Mountain that I've been working on this spring, and the balsamroot was still blooming in the meadows up high. Tannis shot this little video of me in my happy place:

It's good for my soul to get up there, and I've probably put in 20-30 hours with the clippers and hoe. The trail work I've been doing isn't really building as much as it is way-finding, connecting, fixing and marking existing deer paths and old trails, which already cover the mountain. It's been really exciting for me to hook up one good route from top to bottom. With another 10 hours of "work", I think it could be an excellent route, with a challenging 45-minute climb, an incredible ridge-line section with 360-degree views at the top, and some really fun, swooping singletrack through the forests and grasslands on the way down. Tannis's smile is a good sign:


Speaking of smiles, the forecast for this weekend has me smiling. We've had so little of this kind of weather so far this spring:


Tannis said...

It was gorgeous AND fun. I'm looking forward to linking it up with the ridge ride you're planning!

Jeremy said...

Should be greatness...thanks for joining me; it was fun to show it off a bit.