Monday, June 20, 2011

Ella Pearl

Marj used to pester me if it had been a while since I had made a blog post full of pictures of the kids. "Enough with the ice and weeds already! Where are your gorgeous children?" Not that those posts were only for her, but she was a big fan of the kids and reminded me often a result, I haven't had the heart to post them since November. Time to get back on the horse, and of course there's a treasure trove of photos of the kids since then -- I know she would have heartily approved. Many made it into the book I made for the grandparents for Christmas:

I wanted to start with Ella, our fascinating seven-year-old. It's hard to get a read on where she's at these days, as it seems like seven is a transitional year for her. Transition to what? We're not sure yet. On one hand she's still silly and fun-loving and carefree, but there's also been a darker, more intense edge to her personality. Not that's it's necessarily negative -- although it can include anxiety and melancholy, it also shows itself in ambition and focus, maybe even enhanced creativity.

I've been blown away by her drawing lately. Sometimes she draws out of books, but other times the characters are straight out of her head, and they're often hilarious, like this evil genius shown here. A few more:
It's been great for Ella to get back into gymnastics after a break. She's back to cartwheeling as transportation, and she seems stronger and more confident. She was flying on her skates this winter, and thrived as we switched to riding bikes. It's fun to see her so busy and confident -- will be great to get her back in the lake as things warm up a bit (my first swim is usually in May...this year, late June!).

Socially, it's been harder for her to plug in with friends. She spends a lot of time with her siblings, which is great, but we'll have to get her together with her buddies more often this summer. Oh, and she loves her new room too. A remarkable kid, this one...few more pics:




Anonymous said...

Wow Jer she is beautiful! Some days I wish we lived closer so I could spend time with you and your family! Looks as though you have a great one and it's evident you enjoy each other!! Great pics of Ella!! DLow

Jeremy said...

Thanks D -- not that we really have any excuses, living 350kms away...

Pearl said...

Love the posting Jer. Ella's drawings come alive with expression. Amazing.

Jeremy said...

Glad you're liking these Pearl -- I've always got you guys in the back of my mind when I'm pulling them together.