Monday, August 22, 2011

Manning Park

We made the trip out to Manning Park last week. Liz's quartet was playing four of my songs for an "Art in the Park" event at Lightning Lake, so we booked a cabin and stayed a couple of nights. The music was great, in an epic setting. A highlight for me was hearing a new song I had composed this spring, played for the first time ever (apologies for mediocre audio and video quality):

The kids loved the pool at the resort of course, so we were in there enough to turn our skin to leather. Despite the "no diving" rule, both girls learned to dive with Grandma's expert instruction. Ella did her first flips. They loved their little room, crammed with bunkbeds, and we spent lots of time just lounging and reading.

As usual, we got curry at Sanderson's on the way and ran into our old friend Aimee there. We had a glorious (chilly!) swim at Bromley Rock. At Manning, I spent a few hours wandering in the sub-alpine meadows with my camera, taking advantage of the late-blooming wildflowers. Here's a slideshow of most of the shots, followed by a few favourites below.





shamash said...

A beautiful composition in a beautiful setting!

Pearl said...

Jer, it looks like an amazing experience and setting. It must have been a thrill to hear your composition played in the beautiful out of doors.

Anonymous said...

Meri and I really liked Manning Park and would love to get back out there at some point. Well done on getting your composition played!

Jeremy said...

Hey Dave! I just noticed this comment stuck in my "moderate comments" list -- my apologies. Manning Park is great, no question. I hope you guys do make it back there some day (selfishly hoping it means you make it over here at the same time).