Tuesday, February 07, 2012


My camera hasn't been pointed at people as much lately, but occasionally I remember that nobody (including me) is going to steep in the warm nostalgic glow of old ice photos 20 years from now.

Yesterday I sat at the kitchen table with nice western window light and snapped away as the kids migrated through. Ezra was at low ebb, not sure what was wrong, and I think that is reflected in the shot. Ivy is more self-conscious around the camera these days, and wants to see anything before it goes online (fair enough). Ella is at that age where she loves the lens, and it loves her right back.





Anonymous said...

Jer & Tannis,
Your kids are gorgeous!!!
__ Diana & Jake

Ch√Ęteau LaCar said...

Dear Ivy: Your freckles make me swoon.

Dear Ella: Your beauty marks make me catch my breath.

Dear Ezra: Your hair makes me jealous.

Dear Jer: Your photography captures more than life.

Dear Tannis: Your womb creations are something else.

Jeremy said...

Dear Nicole: Your blog comments make me smile.

Jeremy said...

And thank you Diana and Jake -- it's not something we had a lot of control over, but their cuteness has occasionally helped us through the less-than-fun times.

Dianne Hiebert said...

Nicole, your comments make me smile too, and I agree with all of them. Together they make a lovely poem.

Jeremy, thanks for this beautiful post.