Thursday, June 28, 2012

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  • An Unquiet Mind -- terrifying and wonderful book, outlining the author's descent(s) into madness and how she learned to cope.
  • Why photographs work : 52 great images -- smart format makes it easy to appreciate and understand the excellent images.
  • The Continuum Concept -- I wish I would have read this before we had kids. The author studied the parenting of tribal peoples as a way of understanding our evolutionary history. Sort of like applying the paleo diet to parenting -- matching up strategies with what worked for a few hundred thousand generations. Tough read, clunky at times, but fascinating and mostly convincing.
  • cherry-branch
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman -- I'm not quite halfway through this one, but it's rocking my world. Brilliant researcher, good writer and a theme I'm into -- cognitive biases and  decision making.
  • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is like the pop-culture version of the book above. Wonderfully entertaining, highly readable and very convincing, yet after reading it I figured out why I had resisted it -- just because people tend to make snap decisions does not mean that it is good strategy to do so. I prefer Kahneman's cautionary tone and his deeper dive into the pitfalls of "Blink" decisions.
  • Closer -- this fourth book in the Tunnels series is the only fiction I read for myself (actually re-read), in anticipation of the fifth book, which has been sitting in cataloging at the ORL forever. This is real guilty-pleasure reading for me, where the fantastical settings, speedy pacing and creepy vibe help me suspend my disbelief and ignore the huge holes in the plots.
  • reeds-reflected
  • The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler -- classic junior novel following a brother and sister who run away and hide out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Ivy and I had read it before, but it was a first time for Ella.
  • Breadcrumbs -- more bedtime reading with the girls; this was a very pleasant surprise. Some interesting twists on the usual fairytale conventions.
  • With Ezra, we finally finished the last few books in the Nate the Great series, really enjoyed Kenny and the Dragon, and happily blew through the entire Lighthouse Family series.

  • Industrial Revolutions --Danny McAskill can do stuff on a bike that nobody should be able to do. This is great sports film-making. 
  • It Might Get Loud --I'm not a fan of Jack White's music, but thought he was so compelling in this documentary.
  • Brazil -- I should know better than to try old cult films. Terrible.
  • Two Towers -- Sometimes when I'm out of energy, an old favourite is just the thing.
  • From the Inside Out -- the Penticton bike club showed this at the college, and Ella and Ezra decided to join me. Good fun, familiar formula for a mountain biking film.






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