Like most photographers, I'm happier behind the lens. Maybe too happy, because I occasionally have to leave the cameras at home so that every walk doesn't have to turn into a photographic expedition. But I'm grateful for the impetus of photography -- it gets me out, often into nature, when I'd otherwise be staring at a screen. Primarily, I see it as an exercise in gratitude. 

I've had a couple of small solo gallery shows and participated in some group shows -- they're fun, but a ton of work. I've enjoyed teaching photography, both to individuals and groups. Publishing, selling and giving away books of photography has been the most fun. Okanagan Orchards has been my most popular, and our local library has several copies. You can see the online version here:

Faves of Mine is a good place to get a sense of what I like to take pictures of. Other projects I've been focusing on include: ice, industrial, orchards, grasses, childhood, trees and abstracts. Lots of other sets too. 

Since people often ask about gear...mine is older, always a few steps behind. I've used Canon PowerShots as "family cameras", enjoying their macro settings and video, and an old Minolta X-700 film SLR with some excellent classic lenses. Also a Canon Elan body that I run film through sometimes. But my primary setup is a workhorse Canon 40D with these lenses, none of which are cutting-edge, but tend to get the job done: 
  • 10-22mm Canon
  • 50mm f/1.4 Canon
  • 100mm f/2.8 Macro
  • 120-400mm Sigma
If you're interested in buying prints or using images, please email I have non-commercial Creative Commons licensing on most of my photos, and love seeing them used in creative, nonprofit ways. It's great when people ask permission, and even better when they offer to pay (for commercial uses). 
I also run a few Flickr groups, enjoying curating photos from others, and fostering online communities: 
  • I Love the Okanagan, a regional site devoted to the landscape of my home valley 
  • Ultimate Ice, a small group of ice-photography enthusiasts who really geek out on ice. It's a bit exclusive to keep it focused and the quality of the pool is fantastic. 
  • The Backyard Rink reflects my love of skating outdoors, and although I didn't do a rink in the backyard this year, I hope to again at some point.